Sweet Jaelyn entered the world just a few days ago and she’s already growing so much.  This is what I love about photographing from birth, it allows me to document and visually share the growth process and how much she’s changed in such little time.  Big sister, Jules is still adjusting and that’s perfectly normal but she was very concerned every time her baby sister cried or fussed.  They will be best friends in no time at all.  I’m glad to share that mom and dad are doing fantastic and I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments from Jaelyn’s Newborn Session here…




Meet Jaelyn. This brand new bundle was welcomed into the world on March 22nd and didn’t even give mom enough time to get an epidural!  My amazing client Jill and her family were my first session when I moved from Virginia to California and I’ve loved watching their family of three blossom into a family of four.  I stopped by the hospital quickly to meet Ms. Jaelyn and introduce myself since we have a date for a newborn session in just a couple days.  Enjoy some of my favorite moments from her session below……..



Meet Cole. This kid, he has that twinkle in his eye, and he is always getting into something! He is at that super fun age because little ones have this “whoaaaaaa….it’s a bigggg world” look when you put them in a new place. We met up at a local regional park and enjoyed the beautiful weather on an early spring day.  Enjoy some of my favorite moments from his session below……..




I’m currently trying to kick the most horrible cold I’ve ever experienced, but wanted to get some of my photos from our life lately on the blog in the meantime!

It’s been a big couple of months for us with moving to the west coast!  Photography and business has been amazing since the move. David stay super busy with HelloFresh and the kids are loving exploring their new city and all that amazing areas that surround it.  We are so thankful that family has been out to visit over the last couple months and that our cousins moved from FL to CA in Monterey and are close enough for us to see about every other week or so, we love having them close!  The weather is warming up in Cali (it was 80 degrees yesterday!) and we even bought some cacti to keep in the house since we’ve got lots of sunlight these days.  We’ve explored the city of San Francisco, walked the piers to see the sea lions, wandering aquariums, jumped on trampolines and local parks and of course, lots and lots of snuggles in between loads of laundry!

I’m feeling so much better as I type this, and just praying I don’t pass the colds onto the kids who seem to be in the clear as of now. Let’s get onto the photos!

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2018 PCP Senior Model Crew Application


Being a part of the PCP Senior Model Crew isn’t just about “pretty pictures” even though it’s a major perk…It’s about empowering young women…building amazing bonds and friendships and having one heck of a time doing it!! Thank you SO much for your interest in being a part of the 2018 PCP Senior Model Crew! Below is all the info you need to decide whether or not being a part of the crew is for you.

So….. What the HECK does being part of the 2018 PCP Senior Model Crew mean?

Basically, It’s an ELITE group of high school senior girls chosen to represent P. Chevalley Photography.

YOU will be the FACE of PCP Seniors.

YOU will participate in a fully stylized group shoot with professional makeup and hair provided.

You will gain a sisterhood of girlfriends you would have otherwise never met (pretty much the coolest perk of the whole thing)

As a model, you will automatically be featured on my website, blog AND social media.

What do Senior Models have to do? What are the requirements? 

There will be 2-3 STYLED group photography sessions that each model is expected to attend. 

Senior Models are required to have their senior portraits taken by P. Chevalley Photography.  PCP Models will NOT have senior portraits taken by any other photographer. (The exception is the required school Cap and Gown– of course you can have those done and it’s not something I offer)

Senior Models are NOT to model for any other photographer, boutique or business during their senior year.

Senior Models MUST have parental consent. I value my senior parents and love to get the parents involved. They are welcome to come and experience each shoot and get together that we have.

What type of Senior am I looking for?

I am looking for girls who are comfortable in their own skin…

Fashion forward in clothing choices and comfortable in front of camera….

Young women with KIND hearts, FREE spirits and BEAUTIFUL souls…..

VERY active on social media (this is a MUST) Must have IG account and FB account…

Must be involved in extracurricular activities…..

**Senior Models are a reflection of my business. I will NOT tolerate bullying on social media, inappropriate images of nudity, suggestive posing or alcohol/drugs.**

Here’s the skinny on the investment….

Senior Models are required to pay the regular senior session fee of $400.

Since you were already planning on having PCP take your senior portraits, there is NO additional cost to be a Senior Model.

Essentially, YOU are getting 2-3 EXTRA photography sessions for the price of ONE senior session. Talk about an amazing perk, right?

Professional Makeup WILL BE provided for the “large” group stylized session and will be provided for EACH model’s personal senior session. 

Each Senior will receive digital images and a print release from each session.

What schools are eligible?

If your school is within a 2 hour driving distance to Brentwood, CA you are eligible. BUT you must be willing to drive to the shoots and get togethers (as they will be close to Brentwood, CA or other East Bay locations).

Will I accept everybody that applies?

No, There are limited spots available. 

I highly encourage you to be descriptive and show the “REAL YOU” in your application answers. The more in depth and personal you are…the better! I really want to KNOW you

You will be notified by email on APRIL 15, 2017. 

If you are not accepted, you will receive a discount that will count towards your session with PCP.

Once I’m accepted as a Senior Model……Then what?

Once accepted, you will be sent an electronic contract that will need to be signed by you and your legal guardian.

I will follow up and verify with your legal guardian via phone and address any questions.

Your senior session will need to be paid in full by May 1, 2017. If you need to make separate payments this is acceptable as long as session is paid in full by June 15, 2017.  This will secure your spot as a Senior Model.

Our first stylized group session will take place during July 2017.

These girls are not just “models”….They become a family. In our online group and through text, there is always constant communication, prayers being lifted up for each other in good times and hard times and pictures being shared. This is so much more than just a “model crew” even though that’s what it’s officially called……..


I am over the moon excited to read your application! Be in touch soon!


Most people don’t know how important adoption is to me.  It’s not because I’m adopted, but because my husband is.  My husband was adopted at two days old by my mother and father-in-law.  Adoption takes a special type of mother and father to be, you are stronger and you love that much deeper.  I was honored to take what are referred to as a “red string” session for Sarah, her husband and their newest addition Isabella.  Isabella was seven weeks old during our time together and she was the most wide awake baby I’ve dealt with that wasn’t walking already.  I was glad to hear that after our two hour session that she let her parents rest a bit by taking a nice four hour nap.  I’m so thankful that Scott’s allowed me into their home to photograph this amazing time in their lives and I wish them nothing but love and blessings for the future and that one day they know someone will be very thankful that Isabella chose them as her parents.




Happy Day! Are you ready to start your week or are you dreading your first day back to morning chaos? Life with kids can make you feel both sometimes…But we have learned a few ways to calm our mornings down and jump out of bed.

These next tips will ensure you start your morning off right and jump into your schedule with ease and maybe even a smile on your face!  They are in no particular order, as you will want to order them to fit your wants and needs.

  1. Let there be light – Get out of bed, and open those shades! Let that gorgeous sunlight in. A dark room is a sleepy room. Especially if its cold and dark.
  2. Tunes are Necessary – We are not morning people but we are music people. This is one thing that ALWAYS ensures happy kids (and parents) first thing in the morning. Have a play list queued up. Music that you enjoy. It can be a slow, calm coffee house mix to keep things calm. Whatever play list you decide on, just hit play and enjoy!
  3. Make that Bed – If your bed is made first thing in the morning, you are less likely to sneak back in it and it literally takes 5 minutes, people. And your room feels cleaner. Which is always a good thing.
  4. Stay off your phone – Don’t check your emails first thing in the morning and definitely do not check social media. Good God, those are 2 things that just suck me in the black hole of “I’ll just lay here in bed a little bit longer”. Don’t do it. Don’t give in.
  5. Stretch it out – Stretch that body! Take 5 minutes and stretch or do a 15 minute yoga routine. I actually utilize Yoga by Adriene on YouTube, I like that you can choose a 10 minute routine up to 90 minute routines. But keep it to a minimum, unless you are one of those freaks that wakes up early to work out. You are ahead of the game.
  6. Treat Yourself  – Do something you love. I love taking a hot shower in the morning. But let me clarify….not to wash my hair every morning. I only shower to wake me up. And hair washing only happens at night when I can blow dry it or when I don’t have a deadline the next day. If its drinking a cup of coffee, do it, and enjoy it. Take your time with this thing. Mark out a decent chunk of the morning for this. Self care is important and necessary.
  7. Get Dressed – this is to everyone. Stay at home moms, work from home moms and working mothers….GET DRESSED. If you stay braless and in jammies all day, I promise you will do nothing. If getting dressed means cute yoga pants and a loose top and your Nike’s – do it. Get dressed. If it means jeans and a cute top and bare feet – do it. Just get dressed, friends.
  8. Do your hair and make up – Yes, I said it. Do your hair and make up. Mommas – I am talking to you. I don’t mean perfected beach curls and a full face (unless that’s your jam). I mean, fix your hair and spend a few minutes doing so.

While these 8 tips aren’t the only suggestions to help have a more productive morning, they are all tips that have helped us out. The kids really enjoy the music in the morning and it helps alleviate the morning complaining. What are some ways that help you jump into your day?