Family pictures mean so much to me. It’s amazing to see how much my family changes over the years. Taking family pictures though . . . that’s another story. But I’ve gathered a some tips to help make family picture-taking a piece of cake, I hope they help!

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends, look through portfolios, make sure you find a photographer you like.
  2. Once you’ve found the photographer that you want, make sure you schedule in advance. You want to make sure both of you have plenty of time to prepare.
  3. Decide the style, location, and poses that you want. Your photographer will have suggestions as well–just make sure you have an idea of what you like and what’s possible.
  4. Gather some props for the photo shoot. Don’t go overboard, but a few natural and simple props can help make the photos feel more authentic.
  5. Think about clothing. You’ll want everyone to look good together and the best way to do that is coordinate their clothing. So pick a color palette and see what you can put together.
  6. Take some candid pictures. You don’t want to be stiff the entire time! Make sure you take some photos of your family looking natural. Let the kids play around and be silly!
  7. Bend anything that can bend. Everyone will look better if they’ve got some angles on them.
  8. Bring someone to entertain your kids. If you want them to look happy in pictures, it may be worth it to have someone standing behind the photographer making goofy faces.
  9. Choose a time for the photo shoot when your kids are in a good mood. Even if it’s not the most convenient time, the process will go much smoother.
  10. Be happy with whatever happens. Even if your photos don’t turn out exactly the way you planned, they’re still beautiful keepsakes that are an important part of your family history.

With these tips for making family pictures easier, I’m sure you’ll all have a blast!  Let me know how it goes!

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