It’s a little overwhelming dressing an entire family for pictures and make it all look good!  Here are six tips to think about when putting your family’s outfits together for family pictures.

  1. Plan it out – Go online to get inspiration.  Do you want to be more casual or dressy?  I usually lean towards a more casual look, so I go for clothes that are nice, but have a more lived-in look.  Target always has great  prices on pieces that work for the whole family.  Or better yet, shop your closet!
  2. Color Schemes are EVERYTHING! – Pick a color scheme you like works best.  I would say 2-3 main colors (for example – black, blue or brown) and then adding some pops of colors looks really good in photos.  What colors make you feel good?
  3. You should match without matching – Sure, if you have some twins, matching can be totally cute, but usually matching everyone doesn’t work.  If you want your photos to have character and depth then coordinate, don’t match your outfits! This also lets everyone put a little piece of their personality in the picture. Example, my girls are wearing shirts with sayings in similar color schemes but they have sayings fitting to them “Time To Shine” and “Just A Little Shy”.
  4. Texture it up – It adds dimension to have some texture and layering in your outfits.  For the boys, that’s usually a couple of shirts – maybe a plain tee under a flannel.  For the girls that could mean a skirt, shirt, sweater, tights and maybe a hair accessory.
  5. Patterns can overwhelm – I personally like to see a little pattern in the clothes we choose for photos, but too much can ruin it.  Have one person wear a pattern and the rest wear colors that coordinate that pattern or toss it in with a small accessory.
  6. Test it out – I love using this one!  Lay everyone’s outfit out on the floor the way they’re going to wear them – and see the bigger picture (no pun intended)!

Putting together outfits for the whole family can be a bit of work.  With these easy tips for what to wear in family pictures, I’m sure you’ll all look amazing!  Let me know how it goes!




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