Ask. Believe. Receive.  We’ve all heard it before and it’s the most perfect Law of Attraction.  We are asking for things, we all want things, we all need things but it’s only when you truly believe that you will receive the things you ask for.  It is the believing part that trips most people up.  Believing can be hard, mostly because it’s unseen.  We’ve been taught that seeing is believing.  This does contradict the Law of Attraction however, and in order to receive, we must first believe.

Here are a few tips that can help you gain faith in the process, practice them and it will become easier for you to believe in its ability to bring you the unseen.

  1.  Keep a running tab of all the “big” things you have manifested – I would write down three beautiful children, a loving husband, a roof over our heads, a growing blog and everything else I have intentionally set out to achieve.  In a journal or blog, write down all the manifestations you’ve been blessed with.  Add to it as you achieve more and review it to appreciate the amazing things you’ve attracted to yourself.
  2.  Take one day a week to review smaller manifestations – Once a week you should think about all the smaller manifestations you attracted from the week prior and what you want for the week ahead.  (i.e. this week I manifested an awesome parking spot and great openings in moms groups as we move into our new home.)  What are things you were looking for and asking for this past week that came your way?
  3. Acknowledge all of the “instant manifestations” – Do you ever think about a friend or husband and all the sudden there is a phone call or a text?  Have you ever thought about a movie you wanted to see and then the trailer comes on?  These are examples of your thoughts transforming into manifestations quickly.  Tell the universe “thank you” for giving you a reason to believe in this process.

While these 3 tips aren’t the only suggestions to help you manifest your own beautiful future, they are all tips that have helped me out. Do you have any other processes that help you “believe”?


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