I’m currently trying to kick the most horrible cold I’ve ever experienced, but wanted to get some of my photos from our life lately on the blog in the meantime!

It’s been a big couple of months for us with moving to the west coast!  Photography and business has been amazing since the move. David stay super busy with HelloFresh and the kids are loving exploring their new city and all that amazing areas that surround it.  We are so thankful that family has been out to visit over the last couple months and that our cousins moved from FL to CA in Monterey and are close enough for us to see about every other week or so, we love having them close!  The weather is warming up in Cali (it was 80 degrees yesterday!) and we even bought some cacti to keep in the house since we’ve got lots of sunlight these days.  We’ve explored the city of San Francisco, walked the piers to see the sea lions, wandering aquariums, jumped on trampolines and local parks and of course, lots and lots of snuggles in between loads of laundry!

I’m feeling so much better as I type this, and just praying I don’t pass the colds onto the kids who seem to be in the clear as of now. Let’s get onto the photos!

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