I am a Virginia Native, who has recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area but is on her way to Chattanooga, TN with my handsome husband and 3 gorgeous children. I am a lover of all things beauty and all things family. I am a movie lover, a motherhood advocate, and a lover of Mother Nature. I am an absolute introvert…but if you get the chance to know me well, I am an absolute nutcase. I am socially awkward (most of the time), so if you meet me and it feels awkward…I’m sorry. I am slightly OCD and love organization to the fullest extent. My planner is almost as important as my family.

I have been a self-taught Photographer and Makeup Artist for 5 years and I specialize in Lifestyle & Maternal Photography and I blog on the side. The Blogging Industry is flooded with information, but through my site, I hope to inspire beauty, encourage easy routines, give tips and tricks that anyone can use them and share all the things I love.