Life Lately…in Pictures

The last couple months have been hectic and we’ve been on the road a lot and a lot of our lives are changing (again) but we’ve explored so much and are so thankful to have seen the country!  The end of August we took another cross country trip.  At the end of that trip we decided that our hearts are still back east, so shortly I’ll have a post up on our decision to move and where.

We loved showing the kids, Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon and can’t wait to take them back again!




Hey y’all! I know, it’s been awhile but to be honest it’s been a VERY hectic, chaotic and transforming couple of months.  From March to July there have been a lot of of challenging moments, both in good and bad ways.  We’ve been traveling a lot, whether that’s meant airplanes or just around the Bay Area for work or to explore the area.

With the kids out of school for only another two weeks we are trying to keep everyone busy and worn out.  Thankfully, for our first summer in California it hasn’t been as hot as we thought it would be.  That’s not to say that it hasn’t been hot (111 degrees, hot!) but it’s been manageable, I think mostly due to the lack of humidity.

June got off to a BANG with the removal of my gall bladder around the first week of the month.  Thankfully I had time to recover before my birthday which David surprised me with a trip to Yosemite with the kiddos and my mom in tow.  June was also the month of re-branding for my company.  P. Chevalley Photography is now P. Chevalley Artistry offering photographer AND makeup artistry now.

Caleb is potty training and the girls are officially diaper free (even at night time!) which means we will soon be rid of diapers all together (praise Jesus!).  We still have a lot going on for the remainder of the year but for now things have settled a bit and we are content with that.  We’ve continued to have family visit and stay close to David’s cousins living in Monterey.  While we have some big challenges and life changes coming up, I know we can tackle it, because we will be together.




A New Look…


Noticed some changes around here? Maybe some big ones? As in a NEW NAME? Thats right…Goodbye P. Chevalley Photography and welcome to P. Chevalley Aritstry. I’ve honestly been stressed and had so much anxiety surrounding a name change…And if I think about it any longer, I wont do it. So I pulled the trigger, and its done! I am so excited for the change and feel its much needed. Want to know why? Check it out below!

Reason #1 – After doing photography for the last 3 years, I’ve finally (and fully) walked into a new career path adding Makeup Artistry into my services. Not only do I have a passion for it, but I also have 3 kiddos to care for. I want my focus to be on them. And I want to be able to share with all of you.

Reason #2 – I want to be a well rounded human being, not just in my life but in my business.  There are not many photographers also offering makeup services (or they freelance out).  This new opportunity gives my clients a chance to spend time with me both in front of and behind the lens. And I do truly enjoy spending my time with all of you.

Reason #3 – I want to share all things motherhood, lifestyle, family, beauty and honestly anything else that I want. My clients are from all different walks of life, some of you are photography, some are family but most are here because they love the creative process and want to share it with me.

Reason #4 – I am now a Licensed LipSense (SeneGence) Distributor and I’d love to continue sharing my love of makeup and beauty with everyone.  Should you need any products, let me know! (#363746).

So, welcome & enjoy. And thank you for all your love and support all these years…#Boom


I’m currently trying to kick the most horrible cold I’ve ever experienced, but wanted to get some of my photos from our life lately on the blog in the meantime!

It’s been a big couple of months for us with moving to the west coast!  Photography and business has been amazing since the move. David stay super busy with HelloFresh and the kids are loving exploring their new city and all that amazing areas that surround it.  We are so thankful that family has been out to visit over the last couple months and that our cousins moved from FL to CA in Monterey and are close enough for us to see about every other week or so, we love having them close!  The weather is warming up in Cali (it was 80 degrees yesterday!) and we even bought some cacti to keep in the house since we’ve got lots of sunlight these days.  We’ve explored the city of San Francisco, walked the piers to see the sea lions, wandering aquariums, jumped on trampolines and local parks and of course, lots and lots of snuggles in between loads of laundry!

I’m feeling so much better as I type this, and just praying I don’t pass the colds onto the kids who seem to be in the clear as of now. Let’s get onto the photos!

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It’s that time of year again! The holidays are here! HOORAY!!!  Since the holidays are on my mind, I’m kicking off this year’s series with today’s Gift Guide for Moms, so husbands and kids pay attention!

It’s no secret that mom’s are one of my favorite people to shop for (since I”m one myself) and I love quality gift ideas for them every holiday season.


  1.  Sneakers – It wasn’t until I became a mom that I truly began to appreciate stylish sneakers. They’re comfortable and practical and allow me to run around after my kiddos all day without worrying about my feet hurting!
    Favorites: Converse Chuck Taylors (the classic – I live in mine)
  2. Planner/Organizer – Old school planners and organizers started making a comeback about 2-3 years ago and I love them! You can go the Erin Condren way if you are okay spending some dough on all the planner accessories too; or you can hit up Target with their Sugar Paper line.
  3. Monthly Flower Delivery & Classic Vase – Sometimes I struggle to know exactly what to get my mom and mother-in-law because I feel like I’ve already exhausted a lot of my usual gift ideas through the years. That’s when a gift like this comes in handy! I think something like a flower delivery subscription would be such a nice gift that keeps giving throughout the year! offers a variety of flower subscription delivery options (you can do weekly, monthly or customize how often you’d like flowers delivered) and I think a gift like this paired with a new vase (Home Goods has so many that are gorgeous!) would be such a treat, especially for the hard-to-shop-for moms out there!
  4. Personalized Jewelry – My cousin gave me a custom necklace with all the kiddos names on it last year and I love it and wear it almost daily! Etsy makes it so easy to personalize anything and there are so many gorgeous options out there from delicate gold necklaces, dainty rings, bracelets and more!
  5. T-Shirts by Moms, For Moms – I’m a huge graphic tee gal, I love a good slogan on my chest and I have a few favorite companies that I love to support.  Most of these ladies (if not all) are moms or soon-to-be moms who have built their businesses through social media like Instagram.  With all the amazing sayings and styles you can’t go wrong with one of these under the tree!
    Favorites: Malyn Logic’s MotherHOOD Tee / Parentees Mom Hair, Don’t Care Sweatshirt / StillRad Raise Them Rad Zippered Tote

Additional Gift Ideas:

  • Frame a favorite childhood picture
  • Gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi
  • Candles – it’s the perfect time to hit up Bath & Body Works
  • Meal delivery service like HelloFresh (click the link for 40% OFF your first box!)
  • Nail polish or a Manicure Kit
  • Trinket/jewelry tray
  • Blanket scarf

I hope you’ll find a gift idea or two for someone you love from the list below.  Happy Holidays, my friends!




It’s a little overwhelming dressing an entire family for pictures and make it all look good!  Here are six tips to think about when putting your family’s outfits together for family pictures.

  1. Plan it out – Go online to get inspiration.  Do you want to be more casual or dressy?  I usually lean towards a more casual look, so I go for clothes that are nice, but have a more lived-in look.  Target always has great  prices on pieces that work for the whole family.  Or better yet, shop your closet!
  2. Color Schemes are EVERYTHING! – Pick a color scheme you like works best.  I would say 2-3 main colors (for example – black, blue or brown) and then adding some pops of colors looks really good in photos.  What colors make you feel good?
  3. You should match without matching – Sure, if you have some twins, matching can be totally cute, but usually matching everyone doesn’t work.  If you want your photos to have character and depth then coordinate, don’t match your outfits! This also lets everyone put a little piece of their personality in the picture. Example, my girls are wearing shirts with sayings in similar color schemes but they have sayings fitting to them “Time To Shine” and “Just A Little Shy”.
  4. Texture it up – It adds dimension to have some texture and layering in your outfits.  For the boys, that’s usually a couple of shirts – maybe a plain tee under a flannel.  For the girls that could mean a skirt, shirt, sweater, tights and maybe a hair accessory.
  5. Patterns can overwhelm – I personally like to see a little pattern in the clothes we choose for photos, but too much can ruin it.  Have one person wear a pattern and the rest wear colors that coordinate that pattern or toss it in with a small accessory.
  6. Test it out – I love using this one!  Lay everyone’s outfit out on the floor the way they’re going to wear them – and see the bigger picture (no pun intended)!

Putting together outfits for the whole family can be a bit of work.  With these easy tips for what to wear in family pictures, I’m sure you’ll all look amazing!  Let me know how it goes!





Family pictures mean so much to me. It’s amazing to see how much my family changes over the years. Taking family pictures though . . . that’s another story. But I’ve gathered a some tips to help make family picture-taking a piece of cake, I hope they help!

  1. Ask for recommendations from friends, look through portfolios, make sure you find a photographer you like.
  2. Once you’ve found the photographer that you want, make sure you schedule in advance. You want to make sure both of you have plenty of time to prepare.
  3. Decide the style, location, and poses that you want. Your photographer will have suggestions as well–just make sure you have an idea of what you like and what’s possible.
  4. Gather some props for the photo shoot. Don’t go overboard, but a few natural and simple props can help make the photos feel more authentic.
  5. Think about clothing. You’ll want everyone to look good together and the best way to do that is coordinate their clothing. So pick a color palette and see what you can put together.
  6. Take some candid pictures. You don’t want to be stiff the entire time! Make sure you take some photos of your family looking natural. Let the kids play around and be silly!
  7. Bend anything that can bend. Everyone will look better if they’ve got some angles on them.
  8. Bring someone to entertain your kids. If you want them to look happy in pictures, it may be worth it to have someone standing behind the photographer making goofy faces.
  9. Choose a time for the photo shoot when your kids are in a good mood. Even if it’s not the most convenient time, the process will go much smoother.
  10. Be happy with whatever happens. Even if your photos don’t turn out exactly the way you planned, they’re still beautiful keepsakes that are an important part of your family history.

With these tips for making family pictures easier, I’m sure you’ll all have a blast!  Let me know how it goes!


I have barely had a second to catch my breath from the move across the country, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy upcoming holiday season! I’ll be getting around to sending out holiday cards soon enough.  But for now…enjoy some of our family photos!!! 2017 is going to be a great year, my friends!!!



5 Tips for Perfect Family Portraits

Pictures are memories.  Read on for a Checklist for Perfect Family Portraits that will look good for a lifetime.

  1. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS – Start with the hardest person to dress.  Plan around that persons outfit or visit my 3 Tips to Style Your Family Portraits.  Consider your color scheme for the time of year if your session is outdoors or even the colors of inside your home if it’s a lifestyle shoot.  Take everyone’s personality into consideration, don’t try to be uncomfortable, it just comes across on camera.
  2. GET PLENTY OF REST – Get to bed early the night before your session.  Happy kids = beautiful pictures.
  3. MAKE SURE YOU EAT – There’s nothing worse than a cranky baby or toddler because their stomachs are “dying” of hunger during photos.  It stresses you out, the kids and even the photographer.  Fill bellies full of good long lasting food.  This is especially important for DADS!
  4. DON’T FORGET PROPS – Most photographers come with some props, especially if it’s a Newborn, Engagement or Holiday session.  Remember to bring along any small, meaningful items you’d like to incorporate.
  5. ARRIVE EARLY – Make sure you arrive anywhere from 10-15 minutes early.  This gives you time to make sure you find the location, the photographer and do any last minute errands, like changing dirty diapers.

With this easy checklist for perfect family portraits, I’m sure you’ll all look amazing!  Let me know how it goes!


3 Tips to Style Your Family Portraits

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.  I’m a  portrait photographer, and this is how I coach all my clients into looking amazingly put together and coordinated, without all wearing white shirts and khakis.  It’s easier than you think, I promise.

  1. I recommend shopping for your entire family in one store.  Stores like Target & Old Navy are perfect for this because they carry items for each department within the same color schemes each season. And usually they always have a sale or some sort of BOGO going on, which is great for your budget!
  2. This is the most important step – pick out a plaid (flannel) shirt. Plaid shirts are a ready made color palette.  I usually find one either in my husbands closet or in the store for him first.  You’ll use this shirt as a basis to start building the other outfits.  Once you’ve got a solid look going, you can ditch the plaid (or keep it) and replace it with something else if you’d like.
  3. Each outfit only needs to coordinate with one color in the plaid.  Feel free to mix it up with prints and solids and layers.  The color palette will keep everything pulled together.  By shopping in the same store, you’ll save yourself a lot of agony wondering “is that the right shade of green?” or “do these two really go together?”  When in doubt, just pair the item in question with the plaid shirt and ask yourself if they match.  If so, you’re good to go!

See?  That wasn’t so bad, was it?  So go out there and rock your family portraits this fall!